The hottest new jewelry trend, pure 14k Italian Gold permanent bracelets. We're SO excited to offer (permanent) everyday luxury here, in Chicago -- nothing better than sporting your permanent bracelet for a lifetime.

What is a permanent bracelet?
It is a dainty custom bracelet that is welded onto your wrist in a quick and painless fashion. Taking everyday luxury to the next level with FJC's 14k Italian gold permanent bracelet is a beautiful way to honor any commitment, accomplishment, or celebration you have to a loved one, a friend or most importantly yourself! 

How does it get placed on my wrist?
A trained FJC professional will weld two ends of the chain with a tiny custom jump ring to your wrist keeping size and comfortability in mind. Because it is welded, this means there is no clasp. 

What if I want it removed?
No problem, it can be easily clipped off at home with a wire or flower cutter & the best part about it being 14k Gold you can easily reprise it into a clasped bracelet if you wish. 

Will it tarnish or get ruined from daily wear?
Nope, 14k Gold can withstand the test of time. Sweat, sleep, shower, spray tan and live your life with your permanent FJC bracelet, we highly encourage it.
What type of chains do you offer?
Either a 14k Italian Gold rolo cable chain or paper clip! 
Want to host your own perm bracelet party? 
FJC is also offering on-site appointments and private permanent bracelet events, please email for more information -- we cannot wait to spice up your next girls night, work event or life celebration
14k Italian Gold Permanent bracelets are here to stay! We hope to see you at an appointment or private event soon! 
FJC Team