Who we are

FJC is the luxury jewelry business that offers everyday pieces at an affordable price.

Crafted, versatile jewelry to elevate a weekend dinner or your next workout.

What We Stand For.

Sustainable Luxury

Always pure, never plated luxury jewelry to last you a lifetime

Fair Pricing

Direct to consumer sales without the traditional 5x markups  


Long lasting staple jewelry and a painless customer experience

Meet the founder

Marissa started FJC in 2020 as a passion to help women feel confident in their everyday life.

She believes luxury gold should be more accessible to the common woman, without the sacrifice of quality or style.

Her vision for FJC is to help women embrace the best version of themselves.

Rooted In Family & Tradition

Growing up in Italian American Homes, gold has been deeply rooted in Marissa and Joey's lives from an early age.

The precious metal is seen as an investment that becomes an heirloom.

As a result, we feel honored to invite you to share in this special part of our heritage.

Every piece in every collection is named after family members in hopes to spread the feeling of love and tradition to others.

How To Care For Your Gold

Daily tips for a long lasting shine.

FJC In The Wild


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